Tutorial: 2
How to colour black hair:

Today I would like to show you how you can colour black hair.
The most importent thing is .... you don't use your black marker !!!
Because when you colour with black,you can't make shadow, in the picture below you can see a coloured image with only a black marker.Nice black hair ...but not the way we want it :))

How do you colour black hair ??
With your grey markers, you get the best "black" when you use your "C"grey markers. But I know maybe you don't have Cool grey markers, so use than your W or T greys. You need 3 tones and don't go lighter then a 3.

First colour the darkest parts, I used 7

Then take your next marker (number 5):

Then your lightest colour ,3

And all you have to do know is blend everything with your lightest marker:

My two Tilda's with black hair ... ofcourse the left one is the good one :))

It's the same when you want to colour curly hair, but you must colour the parts of the waves that go inside darker then the ones that are on top.
It's just the same you start with your darkest colour, go lighter and blend at the end.
I hope the pictures below and my little draw makes everything clear about colouring curly hair.

Tutorial: 1
How to colour vintage:

I made a tutorial about how to colour vintage with your Copic Markers.
Ofcourse you need your Copics, I'm using R000, R00, E43 and W1. You can create a vintage look with diffrent colours, but I advice you to use very bright colours ... with lots of "0. B000, B00 or V000, V00 is also fine.

First I'm using R000.
At my example the light is coming from the left, so I colour the parts that need to be the darkest at the end:

Then I take my R00 marker and cover the first layer and a little bit more:

Then I'm using W1, to ad more dept and colour to the darkest parts:

Take your lightest maker again, for me that's R000 to make everything a little softer:

Then I'm using E43 to at some creme touch to it, that's also why I'm using W1 and not one of the C ore N grey markers. The W(warm)grey markers have a little a brownish shade/tint.

Finally I'm using my R000 again to cover the hole image:

Finished image:

I hope you all liked my tutorial and hope to see lots of vintage cards on your blogs!!